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Slipstop - Boys
Slipstop - Boys
Slipstop - Boys
Slipstop - Boys
Slipstop - Boys
Slipstop - Boys
Slipstop - Boys
Slipstop - Boys

Slipstop - Boys

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Slipstop is a great mutli-purpose sock-like shoe with a non-slip, firm grip sole making it perfect for use at a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. It can be used at kindergartens, play areas, gym (for yoga, ballet, pilates sessions), at home, in the bathroom, as well as at the beach, at the pool. It's quick dry breathable fabric also makes it suitable for swimming and during water sports. 

Slipstops will decrease the risk of slipping on wet grounds as well as protect your children's feet from super-heated sand. We now have Slipstop so that your kids can have fun safely!

Some features of Slipstop include:

  • Non-slip, firm-grip soles
  • Helps prevent slips on wet and dry floors
  • Helps protect feet on hot sand and rough surfaces
  • Multi-purpose: pool, sea, beach, boat, surf board, kindergarten, playground, gym, pilates, yoga, and ballet, home, bathroom, etc.
  • Quick drying breathable fabric
  • Light, flexible and comfortable
  • Easy to wear and take off - like a sock
  • Designed for all ages
  • Can be used to swim in the pool or sea

Slipstop’s sizes range between 18-35 for kids (EUR sizes). Due to its flexible design, Slipstop will fit to feet that are 1-2 sizes bigger.

Size guide

INF 18-20 2-4 3-5
XS 21-23 4-6 5-7
S 24-26 7-8.5 8-9.5
M 27-29 9-11 10-12
L 30-32 11.5-13 12.5-1Y
XL 33-35 1Y-2.5Y 2Y-3.5Y

Y stands for Youth sizes

(*)IMPORTANT: *Slipstop helps reduce the risk of slipping on wet and slippery floors compared to barefoots. Please note that there is always a risk of slipping and falling. Please act sensibly while wearing your Slipstops.

Care instructions

  • Rinse the Slipstops well after use to remove sand, sunscreen and all other products
  • Hand wash in cold water only, do not use detergent/bleach, do not tumble dry
  • Depending on the usage and friction, contact with rough surfaces, sand, rocks and sharp objects may damage the Slipstops and create tears in their soles; use responsibly